Grande ‘RitaOur House Margarita is made with
Giro Silver by Sauza Tequila, triple sec and margarita
mix served frozen or on the rocks.

Ultimate Margarita1800 Reposado Tequila,
Cointreau Orange Liqueur and our very own margarita mix. Delicious frozen or on the rocks!

Baja Blue Swirl There’s nothing funny about
this delicious blend of DeKuyper Island Blue Pucker &
our frozen House ‘Rita. Also available in pomegranate
& raspberry.

Sangria ‘Rita Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequila, X-Rated
Fusion Liqueur, Copperidge Cabernet Sauvignon,
cranberry juice & our margarita mix.


Mexican Martini™A delicious cocktail of Sauza
100% Blue Agave Tequila, Cointreau Orange Liqueur & margarita mix, served straight up!

MojitoGo loco for coco with Malibu Coconut Rum,
fresh lime & our mojito mix. Also in strawberry
or mango with BACARDI Superior Rum.

Tango Tea A knock-your-socks-off blend of Stoli
Vodka, Bacardi Superior Rum, Sauza Gold Tequila
Cointreau Orange Liqueur & Coca-Cola.

Skinny ‘RitaSlim Sippin! Corazon Blanco Tequila
with Cointreau Orange Liqueur & our house-made
margarita mix. 

Durango DaiquirisA sweet frozen cocktail of Cruzan Aged Light Rum & strawberry purée, topped with a fl oat of Myers’s Dark Rum. Also available in mango.

Lemonade, Coffee & Tea



Budweiser, Bud Light, Shiner bock,
Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite


Corona Extra, Corona Light,
Dos Equis Amber, Dos Equis Lager, Modelo
Especial, Negra Modelo,Tecate

*Ask about additional beer selections.



Copperidge Chardonnay
Copperidge White Zinfandel 


Copperidge Merlot
Copperidge Cabernet Sauvignon

El Chico Café

McKinney, TX


Daily Special


Margarita  Monday $2.00 margaritas

Starting at 5 PM Combination fajitas for two only $14.99
(dine-in only)
All Day Enchilada Dinner Special $4
.99! Two chicken, beef, cheese or spinach enchiladas topped with choice of chili, queso, sour cream sauce or salsa verde plus rice, beans chips and salsa. Three enchilada dinner add $1.00
Kids eat for $0.99 ALL DAY (12 and under from our Little Amigo menu with purchase of adult entree. Come in and relax, because this special is dine-in only.
Friday and Saturday
Fajita Rita.  Lunch portion of steak, chicken or combo fajitas served with house margarita for only $11.49.
Bring your church bulletin and get 15% discount 


 Tex-Mex for Two- 3 courses, 2 people, only $19.49


TOP SHELF GUACAMOLE Made at your table. $8.79

TOP SHELF QUESO Chili con queso with spicy
taco meat, pico de gallo & fresh diced tomatoes. $6.99

TACO FRIES French fries topped with queso, taco beef, pico de gallo, jalapeños, cheddar & jack cheese.
With sour cream & ranch dressing to dip. $8.49

CHILI CON QUESO A rich, spicy cheese dip.Cup $4.79 Bowl $5.99


FAJITA NACHOS Bean & cheese nachos topped with grilled fajita steak or chicken.
With guacamole sour cream dip. $10.49

NEW DEL CINCO SAMPLER Five favorites on one plate. Chicken fajita nachos,

crispy beef taquitos, spicy chicken jalapeño poppers, Santa Fe chicken chimichangas &
bean chalupas. With queso & guacamole sour cream dip. $12.99

Available dressings: Ranch, Avocado Ranch, Chipotle Ranch, Bleu Cheese & Italian.
zucchini added at the table to salad greens with
avocado, jack cheese, tomatoes & blue tortilla strips.
With Mexican basil vinaigrette. $8.99

TACO SALAD Crispy tortilla shell with spicy beef,
refried beans, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, & guacamole
on salad greens with choice of dressing. $9.49

CHICKEN FAJITA SALAD Grilled chicken, cheddar,
tomatoes & guacamole on salad greens. $9.99

black beans, tomatoes, cilantro, and cheddar on salad
greens with sesame-chipotle dressing. Circled by cheese quesadillas. $10.29

TORTILLA SOUP Grilled chicken, crisp tortilla strips, avocado & jack cheese. $5.99


Fajitas are served with fl our tortillas, grilled onions, peppers, tomatoes, rice, frijoles rancheros, pico de gallo, sour cream,

choice of guacamole or cheddar cheese. Extra cheese or guacamole 79¢

MIXED GRILL Beef & chicken fajitas with shrimp
sautéed in chipotle butter. $15.99

bacon, mushrooms and melted jack cheese smother
juicy fajita chicken strips. $14.49

TOP SHELF FAJITAS Beef, chicken, shrimp &
baby back ribs on a sizzling skillet. $15.99

FAJITAS On a sizzling skillet.
Chicken $13.99 Beef or Combo $14.99

CHICKEN MONTERREY Grilled chicken breast
with onions, mushrooms, green peppers & jack cheese. With rice & sautéed vegetables. $11.99

NEW ASADA & ENCHILADAS Grilled asada steak with marinated onions, cilantro &
chimichurri sauce. On two cheese & onion enchiladas with verde sauce. With
frijoles rancheros & rice. $14.99

MUSHROOM PEPPER CHICKEN Grilled chicken, seasoned & topped with jack
cheese, sautéed mushrooms & roasted red peppers. Served with black beans & rice. $9.99

ACAPULCO SHRIMP Shrimp stuffed with jalapeños & jack cheese, wrapped with bacon
then grilled. Topped with verde sauce & cotija. With rice & sautéed vegetables. $13.99


STACKED COMBO A beef stacked enchilada
topped with onions & cheddar next to a chicken fajita
chalupa. Served with rice & frijoles rancheros. $9.49

EL CABALLERO Spicy beef burrito with chili con
queso, chicken enchilada with sour cream sauce, cheese
& onion enchilada with chili con carne, & a crispy
chicken taco. With rice & refried beans. $11.99

CARMEN’S COMBO Chicken soft taco, beef
burrito with queso, & a chicken burrito with sour
cream sauce. With rice & refried beans. $10.99

THE JUAREZ Cheese & onion enchilada with chili
con carne, soft cheese taco with chili con queso, & a crispy beef taco. With rice & beans. $10.99

CHIMI COMBO Fajita chicken, jack & cheddar, sour cream sauce & pico de gallo in a
chimichanga topped with chipotle wine sauce. Served with an Old Fashioned Beef Taco,
Chicken Fajita Chalupa, & rice. $10.99

RODEO COMBO Two beef burritos, one topped with queso & the other with sour
cream sauce. With an Old Fashioned Beef Taco, rice & frijoles rancheros. $9.99

NEW TOP SHELF SANTA FE QUESADILLAS Grilled sundried tomato fl our tortilla
fi lled with fajita chicken, cheddar, jack cheese, black beans, peppers, corn, spinach & tomatoes.
With guacamole sour cream dip & frijoles rancheros. $10.99

TOP SHELF FAJITA QUESADILLAS Grilled sundried tomato fl our tortilla with fajita
chicken or steak, peppers, onions, jack & cheddar. With guacamole sour cream dip &
frijoles rancheros. $10.99

QUESADILLAS Steak, Chicken or Spinach $9.99


MAMA’S FAVORITE ENCHILADA DINNER Spicy beef with chili con carne, cheese
& onion with chili con carne, spinach with sour cream sauce or chicken with sour cream
sauce. With rice & refried beans. Two $8.99 Three 10.49

BLANCO ENCHILADAS Grilled diced chicken
breast with creamy spinach in enchiladas topped with
sour cream sauce, cheddar, roasted red peppers &
cilantro. Served with rice & black beans. $8.99

onion enchiladas on sautéed onions & green peppers
with grilled fajita steak & ranchera sauce or grilled fajita
chicken & sour cream sauce. With rice & refried
beans. $11.99

mushrooms & jack cheese rolled in corn tortillas,
topped with verde sauce, cilantro & a sour cream
drizzle. On spinach with rice & frijoles rancheros. $9.99

Crispy bacon, fajita chicken and fresh mushrooms in
corn tortillas with jack cheese. Topped with sour
cream sauce & a chipotle drizzle. With rice & frijoles
rancheros. $9.99

CINCO ENCHILADAS Five mini-enchiladas!
Avocado, cheese, bean, chicken & beef mini-enchiladas
all on one plate. With refried beans & rice $9.49


 Legend has it Mama loved her enchiladas almost as much as her children. They say she even called each enchilada she rolled,




chipotle wine sauce, rice & frijoles rancheros in a
tortilla. Topped with sour cream sauce, cheddar, &
tomatoes. With rice & frijoles rancheros. $10.99

TEX-MEX BURRITO Spicy beef, refried beans, chili
& cheese topped with chili con queso. With rice &
refried beans.$ 9.99

BURRITO CON QUESO Flour tortilla with spicy
beef and topped with chili con queso. With rice &
refried beans. $9.99 Guacamole available on request.

CHICKEN FAJITA CHIMICHANGA Crispy fl our tortilla fi lled with chicken, jack &
cheddar, sour cream sauce & pico de gallo. With a chipotle drizzle, chili con queso, rice &
refried beans. $10.49

CINCO BURRITOS Five mini-burritos! Chicken, avocado, bean & two beef burritos all
on one plate. With rice & refried beans. $8.99

BURRITO BY YOU Just the way you want it! $8.99
1. CHOOSE ONE MEAT - steak fajita, taco beef, brisket, carnitas, shrimp, shredded chicken
or fajita chicken
2. INSIDE, UNLIMITED - cheddar, monterey jack, shredded lettuce, rice, black beans,
frijoles rancheros, refried beans, tomatoes, onions and/or diablo corn
3. SELECT ONE SAUCE - sour cream, queso, verde, ranchero or chipotle wine
BONUS! TWO ON THE SIDE - sour cream, pico de gallo or guacamole

*NOTICE: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfi sh or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness,

especially if you have certain conditions. Please direct any food allergy concerns to the manager prior to placing your order.






 TACOS EXCELENTE Two with rice & choice of
beans $8.49 Three with rice & choice of beans $10.49
Single Taco $2.99

CHICKEN FAJITA with pico de gallo, avocado,
cilantro & cotija cheese with chipotle drizzle
CHICKEN CASCABEL spicy casacabel sauce,
marinated onions, cilantro & cotija cheese
CARNITAS pulled pork with jack, cotija cheese,
chipotle wine sauce, grilled onions & cilantro

TACOS DE PRIMERA Two with rice & choice of beans $9.99
Three with rice & choice of beans $11.99 Single Taco $3.79

STEAK FAJITA with pico de gallo, avocado, cilantro, cotija cheese & sour cream drizzle
BRISKET with pickled red onions, cilantro, jack cheese & cotija cheese
FILET & MUSHROOM strips of fi let, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, onions,
jack cheese & chimichurri sauce
SHRIMP with jack cheese, jalapeño cole slaw, cotija cheese & chipotle aioli

TACO DINNER Crispy corn, soft fl our tortillas, or
puffy taco with lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar & your
choice of spicy beef or chicken. With rice & refried
beans. Two $8.89 Three $10.29

OLD FASHIONED TACOS Two crisp fl our tortillas
fi lled with chicken or beef taco meat, lettuce, cheddar,
tomatoes, sour cream drizzle & avocado. With rice &
frijoles rancheros. $8.99

NEW BEEF TAMALE PLATTER Three beef tamales
topped with chile con carne, cheddar & onions. With
guacamole, pico de gallo, rice & refried beans.$9.99

*NOTICE: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfi sh or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness,
especially if you have certain conditions. Please direct any food allergy concerns to the manger before placing your order.



Mama’s FAVORITE Mexican Apple Pie

With Mexican brandy butter sauce & cinnamon

ice cream. $6.29

Sopapilla with Honey Warm Mexican pastry

dusted with cinnamon sugar. $1.99

Brownie Skillet Sundae Triple chocolate

brownie with pecans on a sizzling skillet topped with

Mexican brandy butter sauce & vanilla ice cream. $6.29

Fried Ice Cream Vanilla ice cream inside a

cinnamon sugar dusted shell topped with hot fudge,

whipped cream & a cherry. $4.99